Travel Until No One is Foreign.

Global CommUnity specializes in bespoke travel experiences that bring families closer, transform foreigners into friends, and leave the world a better, more connected place.

Travel Until No One is Foreign.

Global CommUnity specializes in bespoke travel experiences that bring families closer, transform foreigners into friends, and leave the world a better, more connected place.

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A Unique Travel Company

Global CommUnity understands and orchestrates bespoke family travel worldwide. First, we realize that all families are unique, so we take the time to get to know yours. Then we put options together to achieve your travel dreams with particular emphasis on cultural enrichment, sustainability, and family bonding for everyone, with a strong focus on younger travelers but balancing out the happiness of everyone on the journey. Global CommUnity also offers exclusive suggested itineraries at some of our favorite destinations near and far, and these are available with fantastic activities and community-impact experiences geared to the age of the travelers. Of course, each of these recommended itineraries can be customized to your family.

One key element that sets us apart is our pre-trip engagement materials and media, thoughtfully created or curated to inspire your family to learn about the destination before your trip begins — from handmade dolls and story books for younger children to recipes, music, literature and movies for the whole family. This magical approach to travel planning and preparation results in truly meaningful family adventures and priceless memories.

Detailed Trip Planning

We craft customized travel itineraries for families who value comfort, streamlined logistics, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Because we understand the unique needs of family travelers, you’re free to focus on the important stuff, like memory-making.

Purposeful Engagement

Our itineraries cultivate profound, meaningful experiences while connecting children and adults to the people and places they visit. We do this through authentic, culturally immersive engagement. That way, you can travel until no one is foreign.

Meaningful Interactions

Each custom-crafted trip
offers families socially responsible opportunities to gain new insight into their destination of choice, shedding light on how different communities rise to face
social, ecological, and economic challenges.

Connect Your Family to the World

We all know what it’s like to get home from a vacation and wonder if it was worth it. The experiences were cookie-cutter, the travel logistics aggravating, and the kids disengaged. But at Global CommUnity, we’re not like other travel companies, and that’s a good thing! We’ve engineered a better way to connect your family to the world through curated journeys that you won’t find anywhere else. Are you ready to experience the Global CommUnity difference?

Family Vacation

You have high expectations
when it comes to your family vacation. So why settle for anything less? At Global CommUnity, we take pride in ensuring our families enjoy the best accommodations, hands-on experiences, and meaningful interactions with locals. Customize any one of our 7-night trips with three day add-ons for your next family adventure!

Long Term Planning

From juggling extracurricular
activities to work responsibilities,
life can get in the way
of your best-laid family travel plans.
But you’ve only got 18 years, so you need to make them count.
Let our team of family travel experts
get you back on track for adventure
with a custom-tailored
Life Travel Map.

Extended Trips &
Curated Experiences

Ready for something unique?
For the curious minded we offer something more. From empty nesters ready to work through a bucket list, families taking virtual learning on the road, or friends ready to create memorable traditions. No matter what your travel goals, we can bring the world within reach.

Where Will Family Adventure Take You? Explore Our Itineraries Now.

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Pick a Destination

Plan Your Trip

Pack Your Bags!

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