2021 Travel for Families: 7 Destinations You Should Plan for Now

So much uncertainty continues to swirl around the coronavirus outbreak, especially when it comes to travel. Now is the perfect moment to start looking ahead to 2021 travel. I’m talking about trips that require between six months to a year to plan. These types of vacations include multiple destinations, private tours, and specialty experiences. They also encompass itineraries that require extra time to coordinate.

When you plan your 2021 vacation now, you’ll save money and lock in exclusive experiences to truly exotic destinations. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll move from travel disappointment (for this year) into anticipation as you start prepping for next year’s dream vacation.
Let’s take a closer look at once-in-a-lifetime luxury itineraries that require additional time and finesse to get off the ground.


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1. Go Wild in Botswana

South Africa’s neighbor to the north, Botswana represents the ultimate destination for a family safari. Go wild as you observe animals up close and personal in their native habitat. May through September remain the best months to visit, which means the ideal amount of lead time if you begin planning now.

During the Great Migration, a highlight of any safari to Botswana, you’ll catch glimpses of upward of 30,000 wildebeest and zebras on the move. You’ll also have the chance to watch colonies of habituated meerkats go about their daily antics as well as explore the Okavanga Delta region, a swampy inland area featuring astounding diversity. Keep your eyes open for savanna elephants, blue wildebeest, springboks, kudus, giraffes, African wild dogs, and much more. Check out our full itinerary for details.

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2. Time Travel in Egypt

Step back in time 3,000 years on a family vacation to Egypt. Explore the Great Pyramids of Giza and snap selfies in front of the most iconic statue in the world, the Sphinx. Put on your khaki fedora and head to the Egyptian Museum to explore archaeological finds like a real-life Indiana Jones. Then, head to the Karnak Temple Complex to walk through the remains of ancient temples, pylons, and chapels. Construction occurred at Karnak from 2,000 BC to 30 BC and encompasses the history of Thebes and its changing role in Egyptian culture.

A visit to Egypt provides the perfect opportunity to explore the Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples as well as cruise the Nile River. Or, go sailing on a Felucca to the Philae Temple in Aswan. Navigating the Nile’s waters proves a fascinating way to see the countryside as people have for thousands of years.

Gain a new perspective as you watch the colorful banks of the Aswan flow by. Enjoy the distinct beauty of palm tree-sheltered oases against a backdrop of sunbaked, sandstone mountains. This ancient, majestic land will enchant your family. And you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime trip to check off your bucket list! Here are more unique activities to consider on a family vacation to Egypt.

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3. Experience a True Mountain High in Peru

Most people think Machu Picchu when they hear “Peru.” While this incredible UNESCO World Heritage site comes with plenty of allure and wonder, don’t stop there! There’s a lot more to Peru, from the Sacred Valley to Lake Titicaca, than many travelers realize. On a well-curated and planned family vacation, you can experience day-to-day life among locals in the Andean Mountains.

Try your hand at authentic farming practices and participate in a traditional llama tinku ceremony. Traveling the Sacred Valley becomes richer and more rewarding when you opt for local experiences. Of course, gaining access to these specialty encounters means plenty of planning beforehand. Don’t leave these details to chance.

Peru also contains incredible biodiversity. While the Andes are synonymous with the nation, it also boasts vast swathes of the Amazonian rainforest. Head into the jungle for a river cruise along the Madre de Dios before retiring to an Amazonian eco-luxury retreat to experience life in the jungle firsthand. Venture to Lake Titicaca for a full-day exploration of the human-made Uros Islands. The culmination of a trip to Peru? Exploring the country’s vibrant, multiethnic foodie scene in Lima, known as the City of Kings. Check out a sample itinerary and start dreaming now.


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4. Eco-Adventuring in the Brazilian Amazon

From its paradisiacal beaches to its vibrant cultural diversity and renowned rainforests, Brazil has it all. You’ll also find sophisticated cities, well-preserved historical sites, and warm hospitality famous the world over. Whether you’re taking a capoeira and drums class or walking the streets of Salvador’s historical center, there’s something for every member of your family. Ascend to the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio, voted one of the seven modern wonders of the world. Or, head to Sugarloaf for panoramic views.

Of course, no trip to Brazil would be complete without a rainforest departure where you’ll see wildlife at its most untamed and diverse. Whether you head into Cristalino State Park to explore its pristine forest and aquatic habitats or take a cruise on the Rio Negro to a private jungle lodge, you’ll encounter Brazil at its most sublime. Activities include scoping out monkeys in the forest and a nighttime canoe tour of the Amazon. Of course, this type of itinerary requires advanced planning and preparation. But it will prove well worth it as your kids learn critical lessons about ecology and conservation. Find out more about how to start planning the perfect Brazilian getaway.


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5. Island Hop in Indonesia

At the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, you’ll find Indonesia. This island nation encompasses thousands of volcanic islands and countless ecosystems, ethnic groups, and languages. Relax at picturesque beaches. Explore verdant jungles that shelter gentle Asian elephants. Because of its geographic diversity, island hopping is a tangible reality and will allow you to see multiple sides of this stunning nation.

In Yogyakarta in Java, explore the acclaimed Borobudur Temple and sultans’ palaces in the old city. In Bali, soak up some sand and surf at one of the island’s idyllic beaches. Head out on family-friendly adventures like visiting the monkey forest of Tanah Lot or white-water rafting. Other activities you won’t want to miss? A chocolate tour and tasting event and a visit to Batu Cermin Cave. If Indonesia’s on your mind, take advantage of this moment to start planning.


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6. Embracing Adventure in Australia

While the “Land Down Under” exists a world away, a two-week family vacation will let you explore many of its most exhilarating features. You’ll be fascinated by this nation’s (and continent’s) colorful history and diverse natural wonders. From a private surfing lesson at Bondi Beach to a sunrise camel ride at Ayers Rock, you’ll gain a full measure of Australia’s unique and varied landscapes and activities.

Of course, the adventures don’t stop there. Cruise to the Great Barrier Reef for a marine biologist-guided snorkeling adventure. Marvel at the vibrant beauty of this thriving underwater world. Taking advantage of the paid time you likely didn’t use this year means opting for a vacation extension to Tasmania. Visit the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and lend a hand caring for rescue animals like koalas, kangaroos, wombats, and Tasmanian Devils. Tour the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart, famous for the tranquility of their Japanese gardens, rare plants from Macquarie Island, and more. And don’t forget about a trip up to Mount Nelson Lookout for awe-inspiring views of the cityscape.


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7. Get Enlightened in India

Are you longing for elephant safaris and morning yoga sessions? Then, India is a stunning backdrop for meaningful family adventures. In Kerala, find out why the region is referred to as “God’s own country.” From natural abundance to ancient sites, Kerala delivers adventure in big doses. In Munnar, enjoy a tea experience trekking through plantations. In Periyar, take a tour of a spice farm. Meet with a local community in Kumarakom to learn about responsible tourism practices.

Or, head to Delhi and Jaipur to explore India’s fabled cities. In Agra, enjoy a sunrise visit to the Taj Mahal. The ultimate expression of love, this iconic monument is best viewed from the quiet of the Mahtab Bagh garden. Check out India’s largest mosque, enjoy a rickshaw ride through markets, and immerse yourself in the local culture during a spice market walking tour. India is a land of incredible diversity and beauty. There are so many different ways to experience it. Whether you’re exploring the Old City of Delhi or learning Indian magic tricks and participating in a “Tamasha” street theater performance, you’ll be amazed by its rich, multi- faceted cultural heritage. Check out the possibilities when it comes a family-friendly exploration of India.

You Should Start Planning for 2021 Travel Now

When planning an unforgettable family vacation, starting six months to a year in advance is a necessity. Not only will the extra lead-time allow you to lock in the best 2021 travel deals, but you’ll be proactive when scheduling time away from work and school.

If you’re like many families, you’ve canceled your travel plans for this year. Why not apply those funds towards the ultimate family vacation next year? In the process, you’ll pivot from vacation disappointment to anticipation. Of course, the incredible itineraries above are just the beginning. Explore the world of luxury family travel possibilities now.

At Global CommUnity, we offer luxury family vacations to over 25 global destinations. Each customized itinerary comes in both 4- and 5-star price points. Your family will enjoy opportunities to interact with a destination’s culture and people in profound ways.  Open the door to an exciting world of luxury family travel possibilities now.

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