Developing Global Perspectives

Every city, every neighborhood, every village around the world, has similar community issues to solve. How each culture might seek to address these issues varies widely and draws from local heritage and customs. Our CommUnity Impact Tours give travelers a truly global perspective — an inside look at what is being done in their destination to renew human, ecological and cultural resources and help these communities flourish.

Through these immersive, one-a-kind experiences, our travelers have opportunity to exchange ideas, customs and problem-solving techniques in the spirit of mutual respect, and to contribute with time or resources to emerging communities.

All opportunities are sourced based on availability at the time of your travel. Below is a sampling of our CommUnity Impact offerings.


CommUnity Impact Examples




Spend the day with Project Arte Consciente, a grassroots social project in Saramandaia which is a desperately poor community in the city of Salvador that has returned hope and self-esteem to many youths through turning urban graffiti into art exhibitions, and other local activities like boxing, soccer, percussion, and circus arts into social events.



In the heart of Bairro Alto neighborhood sits a hidden secret old convent with a beautiful history and a small, but beautiful, cloister where the nuns take care of the house, and 30 handicapped girls that have been abandoned by their families. You will join one of the nuns with a trip to the market to buy supplies, followed by a fun couple of hours making their exquisite jam which is sold by the nuns to help take care of the girls.



Visit Paul Dubrule Hotel & Tourism School, tour Krobei Riel Village accompanied by students from the school to see how the villagers plant and harvest the vegetable plantations and then discuss with the villagers how they generate income from the project to fund the school. Next, experience the art of Khmer traditional cuisine with a local chef in a private cookery class.


CommUnity Impact Examples




Join Quechua cultural expert Holly Wissler and an indigenous family from Q’eros in the Andes Mountains to gain a contextual understanding of the Q’eros people and their way of life.



At Hla Day, you can shop for a good cause and support a nonprofit shop that was established to assist independent local artisans to build strong, profitable craft businesses.



Spend a half day visiting a local village where you will learn about the history, customs and centuries-old traditional methods local farmers use to work their fields. You will be able to assist some local farmers with their daily duties and even try your hand at making the village specialty named “Tam Huu.”


CommUnity Impact Examples




The Chinese national treasure, the giant panda, is one of the rarest animal species in the world and you will have the opportunity to prepare “cake” for pandas under the guidance of experts, and witness their feeding at a very close distance as you volunteer as a panda keeper.

Costa Rica


Tour the wild animal rescue center and Spanish school to experience a unique to not only be near wild animals but help in their rehabilitation as you learn about each species, their habitats, food sources, social behaviors, and endangerment.



Spend the day on a real organic farm located in the Chianti countryside and learn first hand how to care and maintain the plants and chickens that roam his courtyard, then finish the day with a cooking class where you will make an authentic Italian feast.

Sustainable Travel Statement

Global CommUnity is committed to pursuing and growing in our sustainable travel practices. We seek to partner with like-minded suppliers that are involved in bringing ecologic, economic, cultural and social renewal to the communities we travel. We offer CommUnity Impact Opportunities to our clients as they travel so they can learn about initiatives that bring renewal at each of our destinations. 

Partner Organizations include: Whole Planet Foundation®, Sew For Hope, Sustainable Travel International