Cultured Kids

This article originally appeared in Modern Luxury | May 2019

Adding to the many reasons travel is inspiring, a recent survey shows more than half of educators believe travel has a positive impact on students’ education and future careers. For the affluent wanderer looking to reap the benefits, enter Global CommUnity (, a Nashville-based agency that creates life travel maps for families. Through a process that considers a family’s interests, background, budget and the kids’ school curriculum, Global CommUnity recommends—and helps plan—10 to 15 years of travel (spanning ages 5 to 18) to align with what the children are learning. “In your own community, you can stay homogenous if you want to,” says founder Christie Holmes. “We wanted to broaden our kids’ horizons so at least they have a choice in engaging with other people and other cultures.” The customized, experience-rich itineraries reach more than 25 destinations, such as Patagonia, Cambodia and Greece. A common thread: Each trip has a community impact, providing “an opportunity to see what’s going on below the skin of that culture,” says Holmes. – Kelsey Ogletree


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