Empowering Entrepreneurial Dreams & Alleviating Poverty

Expanding Global CommUnity Impact Opportunities: Introducing Your Family Firsthand to the Power of Micro-Credit Loans

In addition to our fully serviced itineraries that showcase the cultural highlights of our destinations, coupled with age-appropriate activities to keep little, big and grown kids engaged, we are excited to be offering in our 2019 itineraries opportunities to meet The Whole Planet community partners at participating destinations. These partners have received a loan disbursement from The Whole Planet Foundation to fund their entrepreneurial businesses.

Travelers will be given opportunities to hear personal stories, patronize businesses and further engage on the topic of community empowerment and solving social issues. Sample destinations include a more complete list available: Costa Rica, Morocco, Peru & Guatemala coming soon.

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The Purpose Behind These Experiences

  • To explain the powerful impact that micro-loans have on poverty alleviation and to teach the concept that elevating someone’s platform, giving them the ability to provide long-term for their family while being an engaged member of their community has a more powerful impact on poverty alleviation than a one day or multi-day volunteer offering
  • To further the discussion that as much as we might look different and have different customs, beliefs or traditions, as humanity, we are dealing with similar community issues
  • To continue to offer life-changing opportunities for families and adult travelers to engage each other and the world around them, altering worldviews and broadening perspectives with the hope of creating more empathetic humans

Global CommUnity is proud to announce it’s continued support of The Whole Planet Foundation® and the mission of empowering the entrepreneur as a method of poverty alleviation. When you book a trip with Global CommUnity we make a donation on your behalf to the Whole Planet Foundation. These donations fund domestic and international micro-credit loans.

If you chose to donate to Whole Planet, Global CommUnity will match up to $250 in credit towards your next travel adventure with us.

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