How to Become a Sustainable Travel Hero

In the 1950s, before the advent of commercial jets, about 25 million people took international trips. Over the decades, this number has exploded to more than 1.3 billion tourists trekking the globe. Researchers project tourism will continue its upward trajectory, reaching three billion people by 2050. 

While this is great for the tourism and hospitality industry, destinations are feeling the negative impact, from Iceland to Peru. Why? Most tourists visit the same handful of destinations. In other words, even though the tourism crowd continues to grow, the number of sites attracting them has remained relatively stable.

The result? Overtourism.

What can you do as a traveler to promote healthier tourism practices? Here are some sustainable travel tips to help you make the world a better place one adventure at a time. 

Sustainable Travel 101

Sustainable tourism rests on three critical pillars:

  1. Environmentally-friendly practices
  2. Protecting natural and cultural heritage
  3. Providing tangible economic and social benefits for local communities

What do we mean by environmentally-friendly practices? These are practices that emphasize reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

How can you protect natural and cultural heritage sites through travel? By ensuring your tourist dollars benefit the communities you visit. In many developing nations, tourism leakage means just 30 percent of the money generated by visitors benefits local economies. In some countries, the percentage is half that at best. But you can help by working with organizations involved in local wildlife preservation, conservation, and building restoration efforts. 

eco-friendly tourism
Work with organizations that help support local wildlife preservation.

Finally, tourism can benefit local communities by supporting fair wages for employees, empowering entrepreneurial ventures, upholding indigenous rights, and more. What do these pillars look like in actual practice? Let’s take a closer look.

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint with Slow Travel

There has been much focus over the past year about eco-friendly tourism and ways to reduce your carbon footprint. As a result, airplane travel has come under assault, but there are ways to fly better. For example, the longer the distance you fly, the more efficient it becomes. Opting for nonstop flights also helps because 25 percent of airplane emissions come from takeoff and landing. 

Besides flying smarter, there are plenty of ways to travel more slowly once you reach your destination. Consider a hiking or cycling tour of the countryside instead of an automobile tour. And for longer trips within a country? Instead of a plane, why not take a train?

Consider traveling by train as a family.

You’ll gain a vivid snapshot of a local culture and a deeper appreciation of sense of place at a slower pace of discovery. And all while decreasing your carbon footprint. What are some of the best places to take a train instead of a plane? Southeast Asia, East Africa, China, and India.

Just Say “No” to Plastic

Have you ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? If not, get ready to feel disgusted. It’s a massive swirling pile of trash extending thousands of miles in the Pacific Ocean. Comprised of disposable plastic bottles, grocery bags, and more, it will take hundreds of years to break down, leaving dangerous microscopic pieces of plastic in its wake. And it’s already wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems. 

eco-friendly tourism
Ready to become a sustainable travel hero? Purchase recyclable glass bottles that you can fill with locally purified water as you travel.

Fortunately, the small decisions that you make at home and abroad can add up to significant positive effects. How can you get started? Purchase recyclable glass bottles that you can fill with locally purified water as you travel. Pack collapsible totes to use while visiting shops and street markets. 

These travel hacks not only reduce plastic waste but decrease your carbon impact since plastics rely on petroleum-based ingredients during the manufacturing process.  

Give Back to Local Communities

Many tourists enjoy giving candies, trinkets, or other small items to locals when they visit. But these little gifts can prove damaging to communities. For example, in some areas of the world, the first English words many children now learn are, “Give me.” These words perfectly illustrate some of the unintended consequences of improper giving — begging, a culture of dependency, and community conflict. 

Fortunately, there is a better solution. One that allows travelers to express generosity in meaningful ways that help developing communities. 

family travel
Look for reputable local organizations that address real needs within a given community.

Look for reputable local organizations that address real needs within a given community through social welfare programs. These organizations may exist on the local level, or you may need to look to an international group. When you work with a sustainable, responsible travel company, they can help you connect with the right organizations for your next family trip, which brings us to another point.  

Know Your Travel Company

Working with a reputable company that promotes sustainability in travel remains one of the best ways to ensure you’re contributing to positive change while still enjoying the benefits of an enriching family vacation. So, do your research. As you look for a company, ask questions like:

  • Do you employ local guides on your trips?
  • How do your trips help to support cultural heritage?
  • How do your trips help to protect wildlife?
  • What are some of your tour company’s environmentally-friendly practices?

If an outfitter that you’re considering working with can’t provide the answers to these questions, then keep looking. 

sustainability in travel
Seek out travel agencies that employ local guides on your trips.

We Want to Help You Make a Difference 

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