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  • Purposeful Itinerary

Few destinations rank as high as China in interest for family travel. With the country’s ever-developing dominant economy and amazing history and culture, China is a must for many families wanting their children to understand the past, present and future of this Asian giant. Icons like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City are complemented by adorable Pandas and incredible national treasures and traditions.

Each of our itineraries has unique offerings allowing for cultural engagement and community give-back. Here are some of the things that will make your trip to China special.

Age Related Activities

Children Under 12

  • Make Your Own Mini Terracotta Warriors in Reproduction Factory, Xi’an
  • Treasure Hunt in Zhujiajiao Water Town, Shanghai
  • Visit Contemporary Art Zone and Artists

Teen Itineraries

  • Take promotional photos at Peking Opera Training School learning about this cultural heritage and art form
  • Cycling on Ancient City Wall, Xi’anBird’s Nest National Stadium and Water
  • Cube National Aquatic Centre, Beijing

Adult Itineraries

  • Learn about China's national treasures. stone tablets and the documentation of Chinese civilization and history
  • Tai Chi Class in Temple of Heaven, Beijing
  • Muslim Quarter, Great Mosque and Meet with the Son of Imam, Xi’an

Key Itinerary Content

Travelers will complete a trip planning questionnaire that will allow Global CommUnity, working with their travel advisor, to fully customize their trip according to their family interests.

7-Day Itinerary

  • Terracotta Warriors Reproduction Factory, Xi’an
  • Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, Beijing
  • Martial Art Training School and Private Kung Fu Class, Shanghai

Transfers, private guided tours and breakfast daily, other meals as mentioned

Pricing is based on 4 passengers, double occupancy

Four Star pricing begins at $6579 per person
Five Star pricing begins at $7382 per person

3-Day Extension for Adults

  • Volunteer Opportunity to Be a Panda Keeper, Chengdu
  • Private Cooking Class of Sichuan Cuisine, Chengdu
  • Sanxingdui Musuem and Poet Dufu’s Cottage, Chengdu

3-Day Extension forTeens

  • Mount Qingcheng, Chengdu (Tour Extension)
  • Private Class at Martial Art School,
  • Chengdu

3-Day Extension for Under 12

  • Volunteer Opportunity to Be a Panda Keeper, Chengdu
  • Workshop of Painting a Panda Bag, Chengdu
  • Haichang Polar Ocean World, Chengdu

Transfers, private guided tours and breakfast daily, other meals as mentioned

Pricing is based on 4 passengers, double occupancy

Prices starting at Four star $1,422 per person

CommUnity Impact Opportunities

Love & Clean the Great Wall

Love & Clean the Great Wall with the Great Wall Expert William Lindesay (for all age groups) Rising from the wash of waves along China’s Bohai Gulf in the east, riding the crest of rugged forest-mantled mountains in north China and running across the grassy steppe and desert waste of the far northwest, The Great Wall is the ultimate expression of China’s past. Imposing and almost defying possibilities this stunning structure literally defined a border between worlds far removed from each other. Its towering ramparts threw up a defense against the incursions marauding nomad hordes while within its walls flourished the light of East Asian civilization – imperial China. The Great Wall does not belong to China only, it is a wonder of our civilization and a treasure for all human kind. William Lindsay, a British gentleman and geology expert who has had a life-long bond with the Great Wall, founded the International Friends of the Great Wall (IFGW) in 2001 to protect the Great Wall and the wilderness around it. Join hands with William Lindsay, Love the Great Wall, remove trash left behind by inconsiderate visitors, and promote the conservational value shared by all who love our shared heritage like you do.

Teach English

When the Mongols swept through China in the 13th century, they built their capital in Beijing (calling it Dadu) and left some residual influences that continue to be felt to this day. Among the most lasting of the Mongol legacy was the “hutong”, the winding alleyways that linked the city through a network of diverse neighborhoods. As “hutong” has gained in popularity among international visitors, the pedicab drivers and local hostesses have a grown in their drive for learning English. You will teach practical English to Pedicab drivers or local hostess. (Recommended for adults)

Urbanization and Elder Care

Urbanization and Elderly Care – Elderly Centre Visit at Cao Yang Home (for all age groups) Urbanization has greatly transformed the Chinese family structures especially the way how Chinese take care of the elderly. From traditional multi-generational family under one-roof where the elderly care is home-cased, to increased mobility of young workers leaving the elderly lonely at home or at elderly centres. Visit Cao Yang Home for the Elderly, you can bring them happiness and love by giving music performance, practise some basic Chinese or lead a physical exercise. You will learn at first hand the progress and situation of China’s urbanization in China’s industrial frontier Shanghai.

Preparing for China

  • Children under 12 receive a new friend, Changchang, who comes with a story book telling what her life is like in China
  • The whole family will receive recipes, books and movies preparing them for their trip to China
  • Travel to China is suitable for all ages.
  • China is a big country, and there is no simple answer to the question "When is the best time to visit China?"
  • Shanghai Rain peaks late June, high amounts in July and August
  • Xi'an Moderate rains peak in July
  • Beijing Rains peak in late July, mostly in July and August

The best times to visit Beijing are from March to May and from September to October. These temperate seasons provide the best climate, not to mention colorful scenery. In contrast, summer brings sweltering heat, and winter ushers in cold temps and sometimes snow. While you should be mindful of the weather, you should also steer clear of national public holidays. Millions of domestic tourists flood Beijing's historic and sacred sites.

The best time to visit Shanghai is from October to November. This short autumn season boasts comfortable temperatures and lacks the crowds and rain showers of summer – the peak tourism season.

  • A valid passport and Visa is required to enter China

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