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  • Purposeful Itinerary

Colombia has emerged as a fantastic destination for families. The destination offers ancient and colonial history, both tropical jungle and marine natural wonders, outstanding cuisine, some of the world’s finest coffees and chocolates, exotic fruits, and warm and welcoming people.

Each of our itineraries has unique offerings allowing for cultural engagement and community give-back. Here are some of the things that will make your trip to Colombia special.

Age Related Activities

Children Under 12

Pirate experience at Cartagena's fortifications Dress-up in pirate gear, complete with pirate hat, sword, and eye-patch, to visit Cartagena’s fortifications. Learn about the Cartagena’s cool history in search of a treasure chest at the end of the journey After a relaxing lunch, use the map in the treasure chest to arrive at the Choco Museo have a hands-on session to make different types of chocolate treats.

Teen Itineraries

Go on a scavenger hunt throughout Cartagena’s Old City. Follow a set of clues that will teach you about the city’s history, culture and traditions, and make you dance, eat and speak like the locals!

Adult Itineraries

Alongside a local, explore Cartagena’s Old City sampling local dishes, learning about the city’s fascinating culture and vibrant culture, and visit the Getsemani quarter to understand the impactful street art the adorns the walls of this colonial neighborhood. Finish the day at a rooftop with one of the best views in the city sipping on a local cocktail.

Key Itinerary Content

Travelers will complete a trip planning questionnaire that will allow Global CommUnity, working with their travel advisor, to fully customize their trip according to their family interests.

7-Day Itinerary

  • Bogota — Palomino — Cartagena
  • Explore Cartagena’s Old City sampling local dishes, learning about the city’s fascinating culture and vibrant culture, and
  • Visit the Getsemani quarter
  • Visit the fishing village of La Boquilla
  • Rosario Islands archipelago
  • Nature walks
  • Tubing in the jungle river safari

3-Day Extension - Coffee Region

  • Take a bamboo raft down La Vieja river
  • Hop on a traditional Willy’s jeep to see some of the best views of Cocora
  • Valleyown of Salento and play tejo
  • Stay in a traditional coffee ‘finca’ (farmhouse)

CommUnity Impact Opportunities

La Boquilla

Visit the fishing village of La Boquilla, located 20 minutes from Cartagena’s Old City. La Boquilla is an impoverished community surrounded by spectacular mangrove forests and large beaches. Start the day by going on a canoe journey through the mangrove tunnels and lagoons, learning about the local ecosystem and the importance of preserving it. Continue one of the community’s school where children will participate in an activity with the local children: music lessons, painting the walls of a classroom, help build something required by the school (i.e. desks, park, benches, etc.), play futbol (soccer), or donate an item and teach the local children how to use it. The activity at the school will be determined based on the needs of the school at the time.

Preparing for Colombia

  • Children under 12 receive a new friend, Camilo, who comes with a storybook telling what his life is like in Colombia
  • The whole family will receive recipes, books and movies preparing them for their trip
  • Minimum recommended age is 5 years old is recommend for travel to Colombia to take advantage of the itinerary program.
  • January – April: medium crowds but fresh weather (24 - 31 C)
  • June – August: least crowds, but warmer weather due to higher humidity, occasional rain and lower winds (24 - 33 C)
  • September - November: highest rainfall of the year
  • December: this is the busiest time of the year.
  • Individuals who are traveling to Colombia for tourism or as a temporary visitor do not require a Visa to enter the country. Travelers will be issued an 180 day entry permit upon arrival.

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