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  • Purposeful Itinerary

Set along the equator, some 600 miles off the South American coast of Ecuador is a crown jewel of the natural world. The Galapagos Islands live up to our dreams of a sheltered place far removed from the usual concerns. But what will make your visit here truly exceptional are the many opportunities for close encounters with wildlife. The islands and surrounding waters are quite literally teaming with exotic and curious creatures.

Each of our itineraries has unique offerings allowing for cultural engagement and community give-back. Here are some of the things that will make your trip to Ecuador special.

Age Related Activities

Children Under 12

Follow the lead of your ship's captain or guide cruise director as you dress up as a one of the treasured Galapagos creatures and act out a play with your shipmates.

Take advantage of kid specific excursion or lecture while you are on your ship.

Teen Itineraries

There is no better chocolate than that of Ecuador. Known for it's purity and relatively few ingredients you will taste this and be ruined for any other chocolate.

Take advantage of tailor excursions and lectures designed for you and other teens while you are on your ship.

Adult Itineraries

Spend the evening under the night sky looking at stars you have never seen before. Learn about the constellations that are located in this hemisphere.

Take advantage of tailor excursions and lectures designed for adults while you are on your ship.

Key Itinerary Content

Travelers will complete a trip planning questionnaire that will allow Global CommUnity, working with their travel advisor, to fully customize their trip according to their family interests.

7-Day Itinerary

When choosing your Global CommUnity Galapagos itinerary you can choose between the elegant 18 passenger M/Y Grace, an authentic classic adventure yacht for those seeking to explore the Galapagos in true style. Her history includes distinguished service in the British Navy during WWII and a pedigree that lays claim to ownership by tycoons, industrialists and royalty. Or sail on the M/V Evolution where the golden age lives on today and the destination is designed to be experienced as a voyage through one of the world’s most remarkable natural wonders, the Galapagos archipelago. From the rich wood paneling and brass appointments of the dinning saloon, to the rattan furnishings of the outdoor sky lounge under shade, the 32 passenger M/V Evolution is designed to evoke warmth and richness, while providing all the modern comforts and amenities, including a state of the art navigation system.

If you only have a week to spend in the Galapagos you will be happy to know that there is no better or worse itinerary, just different. We continue to receive rave reviews for both itineraries aboard both our yachts. Passengers continue to have amazing animal encounters while experiencing the depth and breadth of what the islands offer including top notch landing sites on all itineraries.


3-Day Extension Northern Andes

Travel to the Northern Andes to experience life on a hacienda. Surrounded by majestic volcanic peaks, spectacular views, and fun activities/adventures. our Northern Andes retreat offers in 4 separate private villas, the perfect retreat for a family looking for great memories & quality time together. The Hacienda offers a great blend of experiences for all the family; imagine the sun setting as you are riding your horse along the pasture land at the end of a beautiful green valley. The wind just slightly rustling... Your children playing with the farm animals... milking the cows and making your own butter for home made pancakes!

3-Day Extension The Northern Andes

(Imbabura Province) are a magical land of lakes, beautiful green landscapes and living cultures. The excursion to this wonderful region features, Andean villages, great natural scenery and the legendary Otavalo Indigenous Culture. Along the way we will make a short visit to Quitsato Middle of the World Monument, a local community enterprising marked by a large orange beacon and located at the place where modern GPS technology has identified the exact position of the Equator: our planet’s latitude 0’0’0’.

  • Once at Imbabura time is spared to visit the local workshops at the picturesque town of Peguche, cradle of the woven articles and the Wind instruments atelier.
  • During your visit we offer you a hands-on experience by visiting local live home – workshops to admire how the famous Otavalo textiles are woven by hand as well as on semi-industrial ways. You can also visit a hat-making home-workshop where the family hand crafts and distributes the different types of wool hats which are used by the diverse indigenous groups through the Andean Region.
  • Visit Condor Park rescue center; they use falconry techniques to rehab hawks, owls, eagles, and condors that had lived in captivity.

3-Day Extension Central Andes

This three day extension if great for active families wanting a lot to do! Our Global CommUnity destination is a working Hacienda that owns 1000 hectares; a 20% of this land is used for crop farming, 20% exclusively to the reforestation of native species to restore the natural habitat, and 60% for cattle farming. The Hacienda offers a great ambiance for a perfect day which can be combined with the following activities: Horseback riding, Mountain Biking, Ropes Course, Hiking or Trekking, be part of the conservation or community support program (suggested activity: planting trees)

CommUnity Impact Opportunities

Boys Club

Global CommUnity will offer opportunities to meet and engage the participants of boys club of Galapagos. This group of local boys and girls celebrate their heritage while participating in projects to protect and maintain the local ecosystem. You can make a difference not only as you meet and get to know these children but also through a direct donation (like an old laptop for example), a one-time monetary donation through your trip invoice, or a longer-term, monthly donation to sponsor a particular child in the group. These donations will fund scholarships to send the most promising kids to college on the mainland, so that they can return to the Islands well prepared to make a difference. Please inquire if you are interested in supporting this program.

Preparing for Ecuador

  • Children under 12 receive a new friend, Guadalupe, who comes with a storybook  telling what her life is like in Ecuador.
  • The whole family will receive recipes, books and movies preparing them for their trip
  • Travel to Ecuador is suitable for all ages. To best enjoy your time in the Galapagos it is best that all members of your family are comfortable swimming.
  • The Galapagos Islands are a great year-round destination for a Galapagos cruise and there really is no "off-season" as opposed to many other wildlife sanctuaries around the world. However, the high season for tourism tends to be from mid-December to January and from June to August, which coincides with the general holidays and vacation months around the world. If you are planning your Galapagos getaway during the "popular" holiday months, we recommend you book your trip at least 6 months prior to your desired travel date and when possible, even sooner.
  • U.S. citizens do not need a visa to enter Ecuador, which simplifies entry into the country; however, a passport valid for at least six months past the planned date of departure is required. Travelers can stay in Ecuador for up to 90 days without a visa. Travelers also need to show proof of departure from Ecuador to customs and immigration as they arrive in the country; this can simply be a return or onward airline ticket.

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