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  • Purposeful Itinerary

History, mythology, and masterpieces await your family in the ancient country of Greece, where you will dive into the culture visiting archaeological sites, learning about the Olympic lore and tasting the many flavors of this vibrant destination. The historical riches are balanced by extraordinary natural beauty and the warmth of the locals, who will graciously share their traditions, pastimes and culinary delicacies with you. Prepare for an amazing odyssey.

Each of our itineraries has unique offerings allowing for cultural engagement and community give-back. Here are some of the things that will make your trip to Greece special.

Age Related Activities

Children Under 12

Become a local Athenian for one day; follow the myth of Athena, the goddess of war. Successfully solve the mystery and she will reward you! In the company of our guides trained to guide children, you will discover secret corners of the city, Join forces with your family members and solve the mystery like a true Athenian!

Teen Itineraries

Spend the day on a sea kayak expedition. You will paddle under the view of 4 different fortresses! Starting from Nafplio port you will reach Burtzi castle and enjoy magnificent views of Acronafplia Castle, the fortress of Palamidi, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the cannons of the Old Town’s 1st line of fortification.

Adult Itineraries

Visit a family winery minutes from the noted archaeological site Olympia. Learn about the cultivation of vines and the manufacturing of wine as you enjoy a wine tasting under the golden afternoon light and the beautiful valley views.

Key Itinerary Content

Working with your travel advisor, Global CommUnity will fully customize your trip according to your family interests. Transfers, private guided tours and breakfast daily, other meals as mentioned. Pricing is based on 4 passengers, double occupancy.

In addition to the age related activities suggested above your trip to Greece will include:

Family dinner — Enjoy a special night with a dinner in a unique setting to experiment with Greek food, customs and traditions. If you are traveling with family or adult friends this will be a standout evening to remember.

7-Day Itinerary Highlights

  • Tour of Athens, Acropolis, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Peloponnese Peninsula
  • Corinth Canal and Nafplio
  • Mycenae, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Pottery workshop, Epidaurus UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • In Dimitsana be an Archaeologist for the day, excavate a 5th century B.C. house, Ancient
  • Gymnasium and an impressive Roman bath!
  • Tour the ruins of Olympia, UNESCO World Heritage Site, with augmented reality iPads
  • Visit a local honey farm

7 Day Itinerary Mainland Greece: Starting Price: $3,776 (4 Star Hotel) - $4,248 (5 Star Hotel)

3-Day add-on Crete Highlights

  • Heraklion Airport and drive you to the magical part of Crete, Elounda, where you will be staying at an amazing beach front hotel
  • Day in the Life of a Local Family in a traditional village located in the mountainous region of Heraklion. Spend the day learning traditional cooking techniques, enjoying delicious food and wine and even participating in farming activities.
  • Visit Minoan palace of Knossos, the mythical Labyrinth of Homer
  • Minoan Pottery Experience

3 Day Itinerary Crete: Starting Price: $2.627 (4 Star Hotel) - $3.445 (5 Star Hotel)

3-Day add-on Santorini Highlights

  • Private Sunset Cruise
  • Guided Walking Tour on Santorini
  • On your walking tour, follow the footsteps of ancient merchants, farmers and sailors, and experience a once in a lifetime adventure at the edge of the super volcano that inspired the myth of Atlantis.

3 Day Itinerary - Santorini: Starting Price: $2.448 (4 Star Hotel) - $2.737 (5 Star Hotel)

CommUnity Impact Opportunities

Social Inclusion

“Invisible routes” is a social project run by “Shedia”, in which homeless people become tour guides in a very different kind of a city walk. This is a tour that leads the guests through the backstreets of central Athens introducing visitors to many important social and solidarity institutions of the Greek capital (soup kitchens, day centers, centers, homeless shelters etc). The guides provide information on the types of services offered by each institution as well as how they themselves have experienced or are still experiencing homelessness.

  • They share information on the changing face of homelessness and social exclusion, the challenges faced by the institutions that strive to cope with the demand for more social services as well as the profile of the people behind solidarity organizations that are at the forefront of the battle against poverty and social exclusion, as they try to safeguard individual and collective dignity. And this is the most striking element of “Invisible Tours”: the personal narrative; in other words, communicating one’s personal experience from life on the streets. All of the tour guides are “Shedia” street paper vendors.
  • The goal of these social tours is to energize the person who is leading the tour. The tours also aim at creating new ways for them to support themselves, providing new training and educational opportunities and moving a step closer to social (re)integration. From the visitor’s perspective, it is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with and to listen to a very personal, human story that for many will sound very familiar, too close to home. The visitor will also get an insight into the social challenges that the Greek society is faced

Preparing for Greece

  • Children under 12 receive a new friend, George, who comes with a storybook telling what his life is like in Greece.
  • The whole family will receive recipes, books and movies preparing them for their trip.
  • Travel to Greece is suitable for all ages.
  • A valid passport is required with six months before expiration for entry into Greece

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