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  • Purposeful Itinerary

The wild American West is still thriving at the legendary 560,000-acre Vermejo, a Ted Turner Reserve in northern New Mexico. Here we have crafted a family safari experience combining the best of stunning rugged landscapes, 19 lakes and 30 miles of streams with lessons of conservation and fantastic activities. Enjoy luxurious lodging and dining, while observing elk, deer, bison, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and countless other amazing flora and fauna.

North America

Age Related Activities

It’s a bug’s Life, Kids Fishing Tour

This tour for kids or families starts at the water’s edge where you’ll learn about the life cycles of aquatic and terrestrial insects and how important they are to fish. Scoop up a tankful of water and observe the critters you’ve caught, then learn about the different bugs fish eat throughout the year as various fly hatches occur. Finally, choose a fly to put on your line and see if you can catch a fish.

Annie Oakley Shotgun Challenge

Rooted in local history, the tradition of shooting in the American West comes to life in a variety of shooting sports offered at Vermejo. Both our 5-stand and wobble deck are great places for a first-time shooters to learn firearm safety and take a crack at hitting a flying target. They also give experienced marksmen a place to test their skills with shots of varying difficulty levels. Guests enjoy practicing a variety of shots with the different targets and then play a competitive game of Annie Oakley. Suitable for 16 and older.

Family Survival Competition

Victory is within your grasp if you channel your best survival skills in this fun competition. It all begins with a boat race back and forth across the lake to gather your firewood and water to put out your fire. Once your materials are assembled, build a fire that burns bright enough to sever a string tied tightly over the fire ring. Next, it’s time to shoot an archery target to prove you can catch your “dinner”. Finally, cook a marshmallow over the fire you’ve built and then extinguish the flames.
The first team finished wins the prize and the glory of being the survival competition champions! Suitable for all ages.

Key Itinerary Content

The wild American West is still thriving at the legendary 560,000-acre Vermejo, a Ted Turner Reserve in northern New Mexico. Nothing short of spectacular with diverse terrain spanning from short-grass prairie to alpine tundra mountains at 13,000 feet, Vermejo offers unparalleled opportunities to enjoy and interact with the natural world, and is one of the premier hunting, fishing and eco-tourism destinations in the West. Vermejo is the only Turner ranch operating as a full service guest ranch.

Vermejo is the perfect get away for families to explore history, sustainability, and engage in full-on family fun!

Your suggested American Family adventure includes half-day and full-day activities tailored to your interests. We suggest the following additional experiences to consider for a minium of four nights (7-nights is ideal to fully experience the ranch):

  • Full Board with alcoholic beverages
  • Full-Day Horseback Riding and Fishing Excursion
  • Family Geocaching
  • CommUnity Impact Hands-On Sustainability Experience
  • Evening Family S'mores and Campfire
  • Private Wildlife Tours
  • Conservation Tours
  • Half-Day Mountain Biking Adventure
  • Disc-Golf
  • Cooking Classes (private cooking classes are offered at additional cost)
  • Outdoor Fitness Classes
  • Guided Hikes
  • Spa (spa services are offered at additional cost)
  • Cocktail Hour each Evening at the Lodge porch with family games
  • Self-Guided Fishing
  • Group Yoga

Accommodation Options: Four Night Minimum, Suggested Stay 7-Nights

  • Lodge Rooms Occupancy 1-2 People
  • Chandler Cottage Four bedroom cottage
  • Bartlett Cottage Five Bedroom Cottage
  • Costilla Fishing Lodge Available by the room or full buy-out

Price Inclusions:

Rates include 3 meals daily, all non-alcoholic beverages and two daily activities including horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, shooting sports, 3D archery, geocaching, and disc golf. Excludes: alcoholic beverages, transfers, spa services, photo sessions, cooking classes and curated dining experiences. Price will change according to accommodations booked.

CommUnity Impact Opportunities

Riverbank Restoration Guided Tour

When Ted Turner purchased Vermejo in 1996, his goal was to restore the land and habitats to a healthy rewilded state. The riverbanks had been overgrazed due to an overpopulation of elk and cattle. To create healthy waterways for fish and other species like beaver, cattle were removed and riparian (riverbank) restoration projects were begun. Ten half-mile exclosures were built along the Vermejo River to keep elk from overgrazing and allow vegetation to grow. This new vegetation prevents erosion allowing for deep, cool, narrow waterways that support cool water fisheries and food for riparian species.

This spectacular half-day of exploration will take you deep into the ranch property where your family will see first-hand the efforts Vermejo and Turner Endangered Species Fund (TESF) have pioneered in their partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in an effort to restore the North American Bison to the wild and other endangered animals to their natural habitat.

Koehler Mining Camp Tour

This CommUnity Impact tour will unravel the story of the American West. Visit an authentic mining town nestled on the ranch and hear a story of the Koehler Mining business from the early 1900s.

Named for Harry Koehler chairman of the Maxwell Land Grant Co. Board of Directors, Koehler began as a success story. In 1906 the first coal mine was opened and the town soon claimed 1000 residents, a post office, company store, a two-story school and more. It grew to employ close to 400 men and boys, most working underground. There were 219 beehive coking ovens and a coal washing plant. Frequent strikes, the depression, and eventually a fire that burned down the school house caused the camp to close in 1924. A visit to Koehler includes a beautiful scenic drive, with wildlife viewing en route, and time to wander through the remnants of the lives of the people who built their version of the American dream in Koehler, living in rows of company homes and toiling to produce fuel for the railroad and the West.

Catskill Kilns Hiking & History Guided Tour

This guided hike and tour takes you to the stunning Canadian River valley via Spring Canyon, where you will pass the Dead Easy mine and the homes of tons of wildlife from black bears to elk, mountain lions, deer and more! Touch the famous Catskill Kilns that were used to turn over 3000 logs a day into charcoal around the turn of the century. Learn the story of the bustling community of homesteaders who settled here over a hundred years ago and why they left. A short hike will take you through a beautiful valley to a rarely- seen cemetery and remnants of the town of Catskill. Vermejo’s wild horses frequent this area, so keep your eyes peeled.

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