Prepare Your Travel

Learning about the destination starts before the journey begins. You’ll receive pre-trip materials to prepare your whole family for the new foods, customs and traditions you will experience. Our mission is to create a Global CommUnity first by fostering meaningful connections amongst family members and then by engaging families with other cultures, all while leaving a positive footprint at home and abroad.

Learn Before You Travel

Surprisingly, many people don’t take the time to prepare their minds and hearts to get the most out their travel experiences. When you travel with us, beyond the insightful travel plans and experiences, what helps set Global CommUnity apart from other travel companies are the pre-trip destination engagement materials sent to our travelers to excite and share key details about the destination, culture and wildlife — presented in fun, relevant tools.

  • Younger children receive a hand-made Global CommUnity doll with a storybook sharing the tale of similarly aged child at the destination.
  • Teenagers receive social media applications to share their excitement for their upcoming coming trip.
  • Our partner, Whole Planet will provide the family with recipes of common dishes from the destination.
  • The older travelers receive a curated selection of media — from classic movies and novels to music and recipes — to excite the mind before the adventure.

Our Partnerships: