benefits of traveling

how to stay safe traveling

Safer Travels: How to Stay Safe Traveling

Although restrictions remain in place, travel is at the forefront of many peoples’ minds. Cabin fever has reached an all-time high, and travelers long to stretch their legs and get away from too much screen time. What’s more, many travel destinations desperately need to boost the economy, getting local businesses back on track for success. As attractions continue to reopen,...

responsible tourism

Responsible Travel: The Changing Ethics of Voluntourism

Do you want to make the world a better place? Are you looking to impact local communities in positive, long-term ways through responsible travel? If so, that’s a worthy goal, and one we stand behind. But here’s the thing. Over the past decade, volunteer travel programs have grown exponentially. Voluntourism is now a multimillion-dollar business, and for every sustainable program,...

benefits of traveling

10 Benefits of Traveling as a Family in 2020

Did you know that two-thirds of conversations between children and parents are about daily routine? Or that 65 percent of parents say that they only have time to play with their kids occasionally? As for kids, 25 percent report only talking to their parents about “something important” once a week. Why am I bringing up these statistics? Certainly not to...