Whole Planet Foundation & Global CommUnity: Making the World a Better Place

Struggling small business owners around the world need empowerment. They often include single mothers, trying to provide better lives for their families. Many face hunger and lack of adequate housing. Some combat stigmas associated with gender and widowhood. They all share financial hardships. In the US and Canada, 43 percent of single moms report periodic issues with affording enough food. No matter where single mothers live, they face financial challenges.

Despite misconceptions, most single mothers work. Many are entrepreneurs. They provide for their families through handicrafts, food vending, and more. Yet, they face steep obstacles when it comes to running small businesses. Fortunately, Whole Planet Foundation has an answer. The organization provides entrepreneurs in some of the world’s poorest areas with financial support through microcredit loans.

Learn more about the Foundation’s fundraising efforts and Global CommUnity’s supporting role.

Whole Planet Foundation
Loan owns a rice mill and used her microloan to grow her business in Vietnam.

Empowering the World’s Poorest People

Did you know that of the world’s 2.3 billion children, 14 percent live in single-parent homes? That’s 320 million children. Women head up approximately 88 percent of these households. They face unique difficulties, from gender inequality to wage gaps.

Raising children is a major responsibility for two-parent households. For single parents, the challenges can feel insurmountable. Particularly from a financial perspective. Forty-four percent of single moms worldwide struggle to feed their families. Seventeen percent lack adequate shelter. In sub-Saharan Africa, 65 percent of single moms struggle with hunger. Forty-five percent do in Latin America. But Whole Planet Foundation is changing the outlook for these business owners, as single mothers are a primary demographic.

Jason Martinez is the fundraising program manager at Whole Planet Foundation. He explains, “[Our] mission is to empower the world’s poorest people, giving them a chance to create or expand a small business, often home-based, to generate income and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.”

The Foundation holds fundraising activations including events throughout the year. They’ve raised $101 million in total authorized microcredit loan funds for entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, and beyond.

Eighty-six million dollars in gross funds have been distributed. That’s 4.2 million microloans! Eighty-eight percent of the entrepreneurs helped by the Foundation are women. And the repayment rate for these loans is 96 percent.

Let’s take a look at one of the Foundation’s most recent fundraising events.

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1500 participants joined Whole Planet Foundation’s Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K.

Whole Planet Foundation’s Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K

On June 27, 2020, 1,500 participants joined Whole Planet Foundation’s Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K. Global CommUnity was one of many proud sponsors. The event raised tens of thousands of dollars. Due to the pandemic, Whole Planet Foundation pivoted from a physical run in Austin, Texas. The switch to an online venue permitted racers, bikers, and walkers worldwide to get involved.

Despite the unprecedented nature of the online race, it met with tremendous success. Hundreds of people worldwide tagged Whole Planet Foundation on social media. Tags included Chicago, California, Hong Kong, Haiti, Vietnam, Mexico, and Chile.

Jason notes, “We were grateful for the generous support we received from participants, donors, and sponsors of our Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K who helped us raise $63,000 to fund microcredit. Worldwide, the average first loan we support is $174, which means that 360 new loans are possible to support, maintain, and rebuild small businesses in these trying times.”

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In Samburu, 87 women received business start-up capital from The Boma Project.

Uniting the World in Positive Action

Christie Holmes and Keith Waldon are the co-founders of Global CommUnity. Both understand the importance of a united effort to bring positive change to the planet.

As Christie notes, “Although travel has been suspended for a while, this current pandemic has been a peculiar unifier. With the economic and social toll growing, we at Global CommUnity believe community connection and support is all the more important. Global CommUnity is proud to have joined many others in the continual engagement and support for our worldwide partners through great opportunities like Whole Planet Foundation’s 5K.”

Global CommUnity remains committed to luxury family travel opportunities that make a difference. These opportunities bring families closer. They also allow for the free exchange of customs, ideas, and problem-solving techniques in the communities that families visit. These interactions are guided by a spirit of mutual respect and global camaraderie. Collaborating with Whole Planet Foundation is just one of many ways Global CommUnity strives to bring the world community closer.

Keith sees synchronicity in the collaboration. “The terms ‘whole planet’ and ‘global community’ could not be more relevant than right now, as all people globally are facing a singular challenge and mission. Partnerships like what we have with Whole Planet Foundation drive our passion for using travel to unite humanity beyond borders.”

In Liberia, Marier is taking $126 to build her business smoking fish.

Making the World a Better Place

Global CommUnity remains committed to making the world a better place through family travel. Their purposeful itineraries manifest the concept, “Travel until no one is foreign.” And the CommUnity Impact activities they tailor bring travelers and locals together in meaningful, cooperative interactions.

Their collaboration with Whole Planet Foundation is just one aspect of this commitment. Global CommUnity’s goal? Ensuring families engage with cultures around the world in safe, enriching way.

Learn more about Global CommUnity’s relationship with Whole Planet Foundation and how entrepreneurs all over the globe are being empowered. Then, consider participating in Whole Planet Foundation’s upcoming fundraising event, the Party with a Purpose Online Auction and Celebration starting on October 19, with its finale October 25, 2020.

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